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Habitat Real Estate pairs a community-­centric business model with creative marketing tools to help clients buy and sell SquamishWhistler, and Pemberton properties.We are wholly committed to providing you with first ­class service and an experience that makes the real estate process more enjoyable, inspiring, and locally-­charged.

Build a thriving community with us.
Diverging from the conventional model
We are taking a fresh look at real estate. Our vision is to transform the real estate process into something that not only benefits you, our clients, but also the community at large. We are long-time Squamish locals who genuinely want to contribute to our Sea to Sky community – and we want to empower our clients to do the same. When you buy with Habitat, we will contribute part of our commission to a local organization or artist of your choice. Learn more about our Community Contribution program.
marketing is changing
It’s time for a mindset shift in real estate.

Habitat Real Estate has a fresh and creative approach to marketing. We do everything that the other, more traditional real estate brands do, but we go further. First, we use a lower cost brokerage house than most other agents, which leaves more funds available for the direct marketing of your property. Essentially, that means better value for you.

Our second point of difference: we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to marketing. We utilize the rich pool of creative talent in the Sea to Sky to create exciting and individualized marketing of properties with a high attention to detail. We also make full use of digital tools and social media to target prospective buyers. Marketing is changing and people’s expectations are too – it is time for a mindset shift.

Habitat Real Estate Group is here to lead you through every step of the home buying process. Our goal is to make your search for a new home as easy and smooth as possible. Our expertise lies in our vast knowledge and commitment to understanding the Squamish market. Our team has logged a combined 25 years of living in Squamish – so we are rooted, embedded and invested in this thriving community.

But … Home-Buying is Changing.

When you buy with Habitat, we repurpose the money that would usually go to the brokerage house and allow you to donate it to your choice of local initiatives.

Whether you want to use this money to buy a piece of art from a local artist, donate to the Squamish Helping Hands Society or put the money towards any of our grassroots initiatives, we empower you to see these dollars flowing back into the community, making for a more positive, gratifying, and altruistic experience from start to finish.

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We are rooted and invested in this community.
Realtor agent - buyer and seller - client testimonials

” It was a conscious decision to choose to partner with a local business that feeds back into the community I was buying into, and proved to be the perfect welcome to Squamish. I would highly recommend both Georgia and Will to any home buyers/sellers wanting to work with an authentic business that puts their clients and community first.” – Sarah