Community Contribution

Giving Back

community contribution

When you choose Habitat as your buyer’s agent, you are doing more than just purchasing a home – you are proactively supporting the community that you have just joined. Habitat’s community contribution program takes money that would usually go to large brokerage houses and instead spends it on a local community group or artist of your choice.

diverging from the conventional model.

How do we do this? All realtors must “hang their license” with a brokerage house (the umbrella company under which real estate agents work). These companies manage realtors and collect all payments related to a home sale, including the commission received by the realtor. The large brokerage houses that are used by most other realtors take a portion of this commission to cover their overhead, marketing, and higher costs.

Habitat diverges from the conventional model by using a small brokerage house that takes less of the commission. Instead of taking all of this commission for ourselves, we have chosen to contribute 10% of our commission (less our fees) to your choice of local initiative. As the buyer, this does not cost you anything, because buyers do not pay commission fees. It also does not impose any higher costs on the seller. It is simply our decision to redistribute the funds to worthy causes.

Whether you want to use this money to buy a piece of art from a local artist, donate to the Squamish Helping Hands Society or put the money towards any of our grassroots initiatives, we empower you to see these dollars flowing back into the community. Our community contribution program allows for your home buying to be a positive, gratifying, and altruistic experience from start to finish.