Meet the Agents



William Edmondson

Being a real estate agent was not something Will ever dreamed about as a kid.

He decided to get his real estate license about 10 years ago after purchasing his first home, hoping to profit from the approaching Vancouver Olympic bid. With that success, and more investment home purchases in mind, Will decided to take matters into his own hands. His experience with his own realtor, coupled with a little inspiration from Freakonomics, served as the catalyst for launching his career.

As he gained more experience in real estate, Will knew he wanted to think about the industry differently; to shed a creative light on the buying and selling process and bring his social entrepreneurial mindset to the table. he used his outside-the-box thinking to create a disruptive concept that has the potential to shift the typical real estate approach.

While Will has helped a number of friends and family to purchase homes in Squamish and Vancouver over the past decade, it is in this moment – in the midst of the advancement of social media and film – that he feels his innovative ideas will be best received in this community-minded locale.



Georgia Richards

Across town Georgia was doing what she does best – being an awesome mom to her two young girls. Her partner Marty describes her best trait (one of many!) as being incredibly thorough. Indeed, she is. She is a dedicated community woman who, like Will, never dreamed of being a realtor. It wasn’t until Will pitched his uncommon, community-minded approach to real estate that she, without hesitation, came on board.

Backed by 10 years of entrepreneurial work – running Agnes Jean Boutique and the beloved day care Little Twigs – Georgia brings her passion for building businesses based around community, ethics, and organization to our business. She’s a breath of fresh air who is sure to shine a light on the often clouded real estate industry.

Will did not choose Georgia by accident. Having known Georgia for some 15 years he was well aware of her keen eye for design, staging interiors, and her general talent for making things beautiful; not to mention a moral compass that points true north. Clients are sure to benefit from this unwavering ethical standard.



This is how these two – the unlikeliest of realtors –  formed Habitat Real Estate Group,
and they’re on a mission to be a new breed of real estate agents for change.