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There are so many great organizations and grassroots groups that are doing remarkable things within our community and beyond. While we have assembled this awesome list of groups, this will remain a work in progress and will continue to grow with us. In addition to philanthropic organizations, we are also very much blessed with a vibrant and strong local arts community. While the landscape and our surroundings inspire all of us, our local artists are also a huge part of what makes Squamish so special. Whatever you choose, we believe that the time following a home purchase is the perfect time to proactively support the community you’ve just bought into.


Table Matters:
Squamish Helping Hands Society:
Howe Sound Womens’s Centre Society:
Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver:
Bicycles For Humanity:
Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund:
Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre:
Kwi Awt Stelmexw:
Dress for Success:
Squamish Food Bank:
Jackets for Jasper:

Playground Builders:
Cedar Valley Waldorf School:
Howe Sound Women’s Centre:


Sustainable Howe Sound:
BC Spaces for Nature:
Future of Howe Sound Society:
Squamish River Watershed Society:
Squamish ReBuild:
Squamish Climate Action Network:

Squamish Arts Council:
Arts Whistler:
Alex Foulis:
Andy Anissimoff:
Chili Thom:
Clare Hodgetts:
Kandice Keith:
Kim Sawula:
Lan Yao:
Lani Imre:
Leilani the Artist:
Kim Sawula:
Sarah Symes:
Tamara Phillips:
Toby Jaxon:
Vanessa Stark:
Zoe Evamy:


Paws for Hope Animal Foundation:

Choose where your contribution goes

We look to the buyers out there to lead us toward individuals and organizations we should be supporting. It’s your contribution and your choice, and we’re more than happy to find the best fit for you, whether it’s supporting local creatives, children or animals in need, or something else altogether.