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Habitat is taking a fresh look at the marketing process to better serve our clients and the community at large. We are real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and creatives with a systematic approach. Through our individualized focus, top level photography and videography, and digital marketing strategies, the Habitat team will lead the way in innovative real estate sales & marketing.


Every house and owner is different. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find a real estate agent that acknowledges the unique features and needs of homes and their owners.

At Habitat, we approach each property with a fresh perspective, and create a personalized marketing plan for the sale of your home. We’re not ones to use templates or cookie cutter marketing plans. From custom, creative feature sheets to detailed films that tell a story about your home, we produce high quality marketing content that will set your home apart.


The world is changing quickly. Buyers expect to be able to search for and view products – including homes – online. Social media use is standard across all age groups, with almost 80% of Canadians aged 35 to 54 using Facebook and 19% using Instagram.

Unlike many other real estate agents, Habitat takes advantage of these digital and social channels to innovatively show your home and target those who are most likely to make a purchase.


While we are committed to reimagining the real estate process, we also understand and value traditional real estate marketing tools.

Our professional approach and deep understanding of the Squamish market helps us to effectively market your home through all the traditional means. We create feature sheets and for sale signs, organize open houses and showings, show your listing to other realtors, and market your home on all the standard real estate websites and services.


Today, high quality photos and videos are an expectation for buyers searching for a home. We go one step further by doing more than just showing a house – we capture its life and feeling to allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Our local, professional photographers and videographers highlight the unique aspects of any home, shedding lights on its personality. See the photos and video below for examples of our work.


Staging your home can help highlight its strengths and downplay its weaknesses, making it much more attractive to prospective buyers. With an eye for design and layout, we offer free home staging consultations where we assess what simple rearrangements or additions could be made to your furniture and decor.

sample photos and videos

We utilize talented, local, professional photographers, videographers, and artists to create inspiring photos and videos to show off your home.